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Welcome Rick Banks to the GCCEA Board of Directors!                                                                                                          Before you Dig call 811 and stay safe!                                                                                                                                   Sign Up for SmartHub!

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Register for Outage Texting!

Visit the Outage Center page (tab at the top) and click on the SIGN UP link to register your account and phone for outage texting!  You will be able to enter the word Outage along with a keyword and send it via text to 55050 to report an outage.  That's it.  No phone call to make, just a simple message and dispatch will be alerted.  Make sure you read the instructions (along the left hand side) while you are signing up.  You need to register your account number, phone number, and a keyword (such as 'home' or 'farm') in order for the feature to work properly.

Sign up for SmartHub!  What is SmartHub?  Want to check your monthly or daily usage?  Pay your bill online?  Go paperless?  Now you can with SmartHub.  Just click the SmartHub icon on the left or the link below to get started.  You will create a SmartHub account with your name, account number and an e-mail address.  You can set up how you want to be notified when your bill is available (text, email, etc), turn off paper bills, view past bills, check usage, and pay your bill once you are logged into SmartHub.  There is also a SmartHub app available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets.  Look for it in the App Store or Google Play or use the QR codes below.  Get Started at SmartHub.

Pay by Credit Card!  We are now able to take payments via credit card.  Just click the "Pay Now" button at the top of the page and enter the necessary information to complete your payment